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3D Conversion Becomes the New Standard

Laser Xpressions, Inc. (10/12/2008)

The way we create our 3D crystals has been revolutionized. With today's new technology allowing people to do just about anything, the need to take 3D photos with a special 3D camera has become dated. Today our software engineers have found an easier and more effective way to take a standard 2D photograph and alter it into a 3D representation of the image. This new found method also offers a more defined image versus one taken with a 3D scanner.

With 3D cameras, consumers had limitations of what they could have etched into their cube. Now, customers may have their cars, pets, deceased loved ones, and anything else they could imagine captured in crystal in 3D.

So, we bet you're wondering how? That's simple. All you need to do is provide a photo, whether it be an old photo of your granparents, a photo you took recently, or a high quality digital image. Next we process the provided photo in our 3D editing software and size it to any size crystal block you wish to have personalized.

Once our design engineers have generated the 3D image with our proprietary software, we then proceed to sub-surface laser engrave (SSLE) the image into an optical crystal block. This process takes very little time considering the striking amount of quality that is visible in the finished product.

Because there are no longer limitations to what can be engraved, this process is vastly becoming the prefered method among the average customer, who claim that the image is so defined that it is almost life-like. This new standard is only the beginning to what technology will have to offer photo engravers and their customers, as this trend will one day offer even more unique ways to capture special moments and loved ones.

Original Photo   Finished 3D Conversion

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