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Crystal Photo Engraving

2D Surface Laser Marking

2D Surface Laser Marking is similar to that of its Sub-Surface counterpart, with the only exception being that the text or image to be lasered is on the surface of the crystal item rather than inside of it. 2D Surface Laser Marking is the process of taking a 2D image and lasering it on the surface of a crystal object. Consumers can still use their own photos, standard or digital, and have their likeness immortalized onto a block of crystal. These photocrystals make wonderful keepsakes or gifts for loved ones.

Step One
The customer must e-mail or bring in his/her photograph to one of our stores. For digital photos we can import practically any image file format, and we have the hardware to read from just about memory cards used in digital cameras on the market today. For standard photographs, we usually scan the image in at a resolution of 300DPI, and scale the image anywhere from 100% - 400%, depending on what size piece it is going to be lasered onto. For customers wishing to e-mail their owned scanned photos, simply follow the recommendations above.

Step Two
With Surface laser marking, another similar special software tool will convert the scanned 2D image into a series of dots representing the original image, which is compatible with our laser-marking system. This process takes about a minute also.

Step Three
Once the desired crystal block is placed in the laser-marking system, the actual 2D laser-marking begins. This is the process of having a laser beam create tiny cracks or dots on the surface of the crystal. Thousands of little cracks later, you get a unique mosaic representing the scanned 2D image.

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