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3D Crystal Portraits

3D Sub-Surface Laser Marking

Sub-Surface Laser Marking is the process of taking an image and lasering it inside a crystal object. Traditionally, these images were restrained to generic images, like a flower, a building, or an animal. Thanks to new advances in 3D camera technology, these photocrystals are all the rage. Now, everyday consumers can walk into one of our stores, sit for a quick 3D photo, and have their likeness immortalized in a block of crystal. These photocrystals, or Crystal Portraits, make wonderful keepsakes or gifts for loved ones.

Step One
The customer must get his/her 3D picture taken. This process is done with one of our 3D cameras. Taking a 3D image of a person is much like taking a normal picture. The actual picture takes less than several seconds and it is completely safe for humans or animals. The resulting 3D image can be displayed on-screen for viewing purposes before the lasering process begins. This way, the customer can be sure he/she is satisfied with the image.

Step Two
A special software tool will convert the captured 3D image into a “point cloud”, which is compatible with our laser-marking system. This process takes about a minute.

Step Three
Once the desired crystal block is placed in the laser-marking system, the actual 3D laser-marking begins. This is the process of having a laser beam penetrate a crystal to create tiny cracks (points or dots) in the crystal (i.e. below the surface, hence the term Sub-Surface Laser Marking). Thousands of little cracks later, you get a unique Crystal Portrait representing the scanned 3D image.

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